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Book The story of LOPE

Lynn Reardon

When the LOPE ranch opened, we expected only a few horses. Instead, nearly 40 ex-racehorses were donated the first year alone (followed by many more since). Every type of horse came to the ranch: injured, sound, fast, slow, seasoned, young. I became fascinated, then inspired by their unique characters and athletic heroism. So inspired that I wrote a book about the LOPE horses — and what they taught me about horsemanship and life. For me, the book is a way to thank the horses for all they’ve given me — as well as to encourage more people to adopt, love, and learn from ex-racehorses like I do. ~ Lynn Reardon

Beyond the Homestretch: What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear & Finding My Inner Cowgirl

Before Reardon began working with ex-racehorses in Texas, she was an East Coast greenhorn with little experience in horse training or farm management. Her journey began over a decade ago, when she quit her DC–area office job, moved to Texas and started LOPE.

Beyond the HomestretchBeyond the Homestretch tells her unlikely story with an entertaining, lively look into the world of racehorses, horsemanship, and ranch lifestyle — while vividly depicting the insights horses can offer when we take full responsibility for their stewardship and approach them as individuals.

At the LOPE adoption ranch, Reardon encountered dozens of unruly racehorses, all with special needs, unusual histories and vivid personalities. As she scrambled to help them make the shift to new careers, they returned the favor — by becoming her most memorable mentors in horsemanship and life philosophy.

The horses themselves are a central focus of the book, with their fascinating racing careers, spirited natures and gripping training needs. Reardon’s own story, that of a bored office worker (who didn’t learn to ride until she was an adult) turned capable ranch hand, is told through her experiences with the horses and her quest to truly honor them through better horsemanship.

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