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Levi was very, very relaxed after his second post-track ride with Suzanne :) It's an interesting thing -- Levi is a sweet, obedient young horse. At the same time, we could tell he was a little worried about the mounting and riding process. Not in the sense that he would do something unpleasant like buck -- but more that he would carry anxiety into the restart and ride project. The first couple rides after the track are especially important. They set the tone for the longer rides that follow -- and can help cue the horse that the racing way of work is no longer expected or required of them. Levi felt really good about himself after this ride (obviously, lol) -- and Suzanne felt him exhale and relax his back right before she stopped him to end the ride. Such a small thing on the surface -- but a really huge deal to Levi. Some LOPE horses are ready for lots of riding quickly -- others need more time. It's our job to figure what each one needs from us. It's a pretty fun job! ... See MoreSee Less

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2014 Year In Review

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Oro Rush retired sound from the track — he just wasn’t interested in running fast. He is a cute, flashy horse with a hunter-like look to him. We were really [...]

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Onahotstreak (nicknamed Little Filly) came to LOPE very underweight. She had intensely disliked the track environment and had been anxious there. Her race trainer adored her, but knew that she [...]

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