Horsemanship Education Program

LOPE has expanded our Horsemanship Education program to include hands-on lessons and workshops to teach what we’ve learned from the ex-racehorses here.

The Need

After over ten years of our work, we have seen a large education gap about ex-racehorses in the equestrian community. Many myths and negative stereotypes still dominate the horse world about the nature of ex-racehorses and their training potential.

LOPE's education program offers instruction with supportive teachers and lesson horses.

LOPE’s education program offers instruction with supportive teachers and lesson horses.

Until ex-racehorses are seen as desirable mounts, they will always be at-risk. At LOPE, we love ex-racehorses — and find them highly rewarding to work with as athletes, riding partners and teachers. In support of our mission, we’d like more people to experience the potential of ex-racehorses directly by encouraging them to share our journey in learning from the ex-racehorses.

The Philosophy

We are inspired by classical horsemanship philosophy and see ourselves as students of the horses we help at LOPE. In our experience, this requires a steady commitment to reality-based horsemanship and training — and part of this commitment includes sharing what we have learned from the LOPE horses.

Hands-on Horsemanship Education

The education program includes lessons on retraining ex-racehorses, horsemanship instruction and coaching on topics like rider confidence, posture & “tone” to the horse.

Lessons are tailored for each horse/rider’s needs and can include ground work, riding sessions, round pen exercises and so on. We have seasoned teachers (including lesson horses who came from Texas racetracks), access to an arena and a relaxed environment for learning more about how to handle, ride and retrain ex-racehorses. LOPE plans to film a video series on these topics as well.

Our education program is designed for:

  • Prospective adopters who want to learn more about ex-racehorses
  • Owners of ex-racehorses who are interested in retraining approaches
  • Trainers, working students, horse rescue staff, vet technicians and other equine professionals who work with ex-racehorses or at-risk horses
  • Equestrians and horse lovers who are especially interested in horsemanship and how to best apply it

Services offered range from a single lesson to ongoing packages for retraining approaches, horsemanship technique, equitation goals and development of assessment skills.

Schedule of Services

Single Lessons

  • Ground Lesson$35 donation to LOPE
  • Riding Lesson$45 donation to LOPE

Horse Assessment

  • Evaluation session for horse$45-65 donation to LOPE (varies by session length)

General Packages

  • Package of 3 ground sessions with ex-racehorse$90 donation to LOPE
  • Package of 3 riding lessons on ex-racehorse$125 donation to LOPE

Tailored Packages

3 sessions tailored to rider/horse specific needs. Sample topics:

  • Assessment techniques for horses to be retrained$110 donation to LOPE
  • Retraining approaches for the ex-racehorse$110 donation to LOPE
  • Rider presence $100 donation to LOPE
  • Developing a better “feel” for your horse$100 donation to LOPE

Offsite Workshops

LOPE will also give offsite workshops at your farm or stable. Typical format would be a 3-hour session for 3-5 riders, depending on topic and rider needs. Please contact us for more information on structure, topic and pricing. Education options for Pony Club, 4-H or other youth groups would be heavily discounted (or free in many cases).

To schedule a lesson, or for more information, please contact us.

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