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In Honor of Dante and Robbie


Deborah & Dante


1992-2018 — owned and loved by Deborah Holbrook

Dante was a gift from my wonderful daughter-in-law, Celeste. An OTTB, he possessed great movement and a personality to match! Retired from racing after a shoulder injury in the starting gate, we tried to find more information about his racing career along with his JC registered name, but one of the numbers on his tattoo was too hard to decipher. It didn’t matter. He was my first horse and I learned so much from him. Big, beautiful and majestic Dante possessed a big, kind & gentle heart. His silly personality and exuberance taught me about leadership and understanding. Dante taught me to ride with his steady smooth trot, patiently tolerating my inexperience. We taught each other courage, learned together and became a team of affection and devotion. Dante stole my heart and gave me his soul. I will be forever grateful for the JOY of owning and loving this OTTB!

Marilyn & Robbie 1 1

Robin My Fortune

1992-2018 — owned and loved by Marilyn Thornhill

I purchased Robbie as an 8 yr old gelding in 2000. I remember the first time I came to see him. I brought a friend for moral support and the voice of reason. That went out the window the minute we rounded the corner at Graymar and saw Robbie. We both sucked in air of disbelief. After riding him I was in love. The following 6 years of learning and showing were filled with precious memories of him and our amazing relationship. What a beautiful ride. He managed to boost my confidence and, in the process, win a LOT. In 2003, we went to the Pinto World Show in Tulsa, and placed 4th in western riding (a class with 8+ flying lead changes — his favorite thing!) and 5th in Trail. Then in 2005 we went back and won a World Championship in Western Riding plus top 10 in everything else including dressage! He loved the show arena and blessed me with so many incredible memories. Robbie was retired after the 2005 show season and he loved being my precious pet for 13 more years. In my eyes he was and is the most beautiful horse ever. He enriched my life for the better a thousand times over. I will be eternally grateful to him for the ride of my life.

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