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Boring Days at the Ranch


Sometimes we have boring days at the ranch. Those are the days when I go to the feed store, stack hay, do paperwork or clean out the water troughs. There are lots of especially mundane chores that go into the ranch work here — and every once in awhile, an entire day (or week) gets filled up with them.

But whenever I start to complain about a “boring” day here, I remember that sometimes “exciting” isn’t always fun either. Like the time I was mistaken for a feed bucket. Or the windy day I nearly rode a horse right into an angry rattlesnake (I couldn’t hear the snake in the wind — fortunately my horse did and talked me into changing direction). Or the time the county water main broke in our front pasture — on a 22 degree day, right as the sun was setting on Christmas eve.

So sometimes boring is good!

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  1. Callie says:

    Boring days are good………..

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