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LOPE Academy: Oro Rush Update #1


Oro Rush retired sound from the track — he just wasn’t interested in running fast. He is a cute, flashy horse with a hunter-like look to him. We were really looking forward to working with Oro — but then a complication developed.

Oro came in from the pasture one day with an irritated right eye. The vets were called right away — and an examination revealed that he had habronema parasites in the eye area. This type of parasite occasionally gets confused and migrates to odd areas of the body (like the tear ducts). While there, they can create small waste deposits in the lower lid and other sensitive regions of the eye.

This is not a serious issue and is usually treated by a removal of the parasite debris (done as a standing procedure) combined with extra deworming treatment. Every now and then, the parasites get extra creative with their unwelcome ocular trespassing — and it requires additional process to evict them.

This is what happened with Oro — he had to go to the vet clinic last week to have a more thorough removal process done. For two weeks afterward, he has to be on topical eye medication and wear a fly mask — but will fully be back to normal soon.

Oro can be sensitive about his head in general — so the entire eye ointment application process has been good practice for him. We are only going to work lightly with him on ground work and gentle flexions until he is ready to be in class full-time.

Stay tuned for more details on Oro soon! Although he is excused from harder class work right now, we will be doing a post shortly on Oro’s personality and possible aptitude for different careers.

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