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Might Tonight


Might Tonight came to our farm in 2006. A tall, pretty mare with an elegant head she was sweet and feminine – the geldings here all fell in love with her, following her wistfully around the pasture, letting her eat out of their feed buckets.

One of our volunteers was Deirdre, a jockey at the Texas tracks. She was our best racehorse photographer – every week, she’d walk around the racetrack, taking photos for the trainer listings on our website.

mighttonightMight Tonight was one of Deirdre’s favorite mounts ever – when Might Tonight didn’t find a home, Deirdre made sure she got donated to the LOPE Ranch. “She is just such a doll to ride,” Deirdre said, smiling as she petted Might Tonight gently.

Donna, an eventer from the Dallas area, came to visit Might Tonight one steamy spring day. Impressed with her disposition and floaty trot, she adopted her to be her next eventing prospect.

Might Tonight was racing fit, tautly muscled but thin – with almost a greyhound look to her physique. And she was footsore – having spent so much time in thin racing shoes, her hooves were having a tough time adjusting to pasture life.

But Donna set to work, gradually putting weight on Might Tonight, giving her time to grow out her racing hooves. Donna renamed her “Splash” for her endearing (well, sometimes annoying) habit of turning over water troughs.

After a year with Donna, Splash has flowered beautifully. At her very first schooling trial, she took SECOND place – wow! Donna says, “Splash is a STAR! She is quite a gem and loves the water obstacles on cross-country – living up to her name. She is jumping beautifully and doesn’t bat an eye at anything.”

Might Tonight is a great example of how well racehorses adapt into second careers. At first glance, many people might have dismissed her as a “typical” racehorse – too thin, too lanky, too much trouble. But Donna saw her sweet temperament, her lovely movement and her desire to please – and took a chance on Might Tonight, giving her time and a loving home.

And look how Might Tonight returned the favor, becoming not just a willing prospect but a true star in the making!

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