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Mickey’s Birthday


Mickey is about to turn one year old. He was bred to be a show horse and lives on a beautiful farm in Fredericksburg with his dam and sire. Mickey is extra special to LOPE because his dad, Tawakoni, was a LOPE adoption horse.

mickeyTawakoni came to the LOPE ranch in 2004. A gorgeous dark stallion, he had regal bloodlines and a Kentucky Derby winner as his sire (Grindstone). Knee chip surgery had slowed Tawakoni’s racing career – he just couldn’t run at top speed any longer.

The day he came here, several people warned me that stallions would be dangerous. One neighbor even told my husband that all stallions attack women. A friend advised me to geld him immediately, just to be safe, to protect me and the other horses.

But Tawakoni was a gentle giant, a true gentleman. And his conformation was outstanding – he was beautifully proportioned and moved elegantly. His head was especially striking, handsomely sculpted with an intelligent expression and dark, alert eyes.

I couldn’t help wondering what kind of foals he might sire. And although LOPE normally gelds all stallions that come here, we made an exception in Tawakoni’s case.

And Mickey is very glad we did!

Stay tuned for another blog entry soon about Mickey and Tawakoni.

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