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Poised for Impact: Youth Education Programs


Youth Education Programs at the Tipping Point

Recently, we posted our Poised for Impact goals for 2020. LOPE is at an exciting tipping point! For years, we’ve been slowly building innovative education programs for teens and warhorses. We’ve seen over and over again how their lives change together – by helping, teaching and learning from each other.

Our youth programs have grown to include high school equestrians, troubled teens, aspiring horse professionals and foster children. The warhorses have given them confidence, practical skills, emotional balance, career guidance and (most of all) a sense of compassion for these magnificent equine athletes.

It’s truly moving to watch. One teen was assigned to help a LOPE horse with a sports injury. After months of hand walking him, she writes, “I was so excited to finally saddle him up and actually ride him (as he slowly starts to work again). I was beaming with joy and I knew I took a part in helping his recovery – which taught me patience, commitment and dedication.”


A foster child attended a LOPE workshop. He observed a warhorse with a troubled past. The horse often had panic/defensive behavior. LOPE did a demonstration on how to help the horse while also setting a boundary (for respect and safety). The young boy talked to me about how the horse didn’t want to misbehave – but sometimes got scared. He saw himself in the warhorse – and soon after had a significant breakthrough in his therapy.

These are just two stories from dozens over the years. And now, with your help, LOPE is poised to help hundreds more young people and warhorses in 2020. Each with their own story to tell.

These programs only exist because of generous donations from our supporters. We’d be grateful if you would consider donating to help expand our programs to help over 400 youth and horses across the US. We are raising $30,000 this fall to reach these exciting goals in 2020.

Download our 2nd report to learn about our youth education programs and hear from the young people in their own words.

Download the full report to learn about our vision and goals for LOPE’s $30K year-end fundraising campaign.

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