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Poised for Impact: Warhorse Programs


Warhorse Education Programs at the Tipping Point

Recently, we shared the experiences of young people whose lives were changed at LOPE. I hope you enjoyed reading about their learning journey (so sincerely expressed in their own words).

But none of those stories would be possible without the warhorses. These incredible track athletes are the “professors” at LOPE. By their very nature, the warhorses demonstrate fortitude, heart and individualism. Through their example, young interns learn the values of patience, discipline and compassion (as well as practical skills for horse industry careers).

Each warhorse is such a unique personality! Like Seeya When I Seeya, who retired from racing at age 9. A gorgeous chestnut with a flashy blaze, Seeya earned the barn name “Bentley” due to his debonair looks (and flair for melodrama). Bentley worked hard at the track, running 86 times. He is now teaching our interns about ground work (and the importance of a sense of humor).


My own best teacher was a fiery warhorse named Lightening Ball (aka “LB”). An elegant dragon with a heart of gold, LB was the epitome of a schoolmaster. His unique character (and loving, if occasionally intense, tutelage) was such a gift! He taught me life lessons, horsemanship techniques and (especially) leadership skills – all of which I brought to LOPE.

Where would horses like LB and Bentley be without LOPE? And how would students find them?

We launched our Poised for Impact campaign to expand our work with warhorses and youth. Our goal is to reach over 400 horses and young people in 2020. To do that, we must raise $30,000 by December 31. With just two weeks left in the campaign, we’ve reached 85% of our goal – and now need your help more than ever.

With your gift, you can help warhorses bring the light of education to more young people. Many warhorses are waiting for the chance to teach the next generation. Will you help us bring these special horses to the eager students waiting for them?

Thank you for caring about the future of these magnificent animals – and for being inspired by them as we are at LOPE. All the LOPE horses wish you a warm and happy holiday season!

Download our 3rd report to learn about the quintessential warhorse, Lightening Ball.

Download the full report to learn about our vision and goals for LOPE’s $30K year-end fundraising campaign.

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