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A Look Back on 2020


When I sat down to list our 2020 results, it didn’t seem like a big list (at first). In essence, we reexamined our priorities and deepened our work — we focused on the most important things to our supporters (and to the horses). It isn’t the flashiest set of numeric results (like hundreds of horses saved) — but we did much good for horses, youth and people.

And, as of today, I’m excited to report that we are close to many of the original 2020 goals!

In January, we had lofty goals that included bringing in many new interns, doing national conferences/clinics and taking in several more warhorses here. Then the world changed unexpectedly, thanks to the pandemic — and everything got stopped in its tracks.


LOPE adapted our goals. We created an online education portal for our interns and recruited top professional horsemanship teachers from out-of-state (which we never would have done without the pandemic as a catalyst). It was super popular!

We discovered that the core of our work — inspiring and educating youth through the warhorses — was still vitally important. Not only to our usual fans, but also to the general public. We started offering field trips (to meet the horses and see their world) to local families and neighborhood teaching “pods.” One parent described it as “life changing and exactly what her children needed” — and this was just a simple one-hour field trip to LOPE.

We solicited feedback from our network — and the response was universal.People want to be inspired by the horses. They want to know more about the warhorses, their journeys and their part in the natural world. Whether it’s more specific vocational education for veterinary students, leadership training for teens, or an experience with the world of horses for younger children — everyone wants to learn more about the horses and their stories.

Because of our supporters, here’s just a sample of our 2020 results:

  • Doubling the number of youth interns.
  • Doubling the number of horses we helped transition from the track.
  • Creating a popular online education program with participation by top national horsemanship teachers.
  • Launching a learning program for elementary and middle school students.
  • Increasing national outreach with coverage in a CBS television docuseries.

LOPE is on track and ready to meet even bigger goals in 2021. Our commitment to our purpose and mission has been strengthened beyond measure this year. Now we truly understand how much our work means to such a wide group of people (teens, children, families, equine professionals). And of course to the magnificent (and incredibly deserving) warhorses – who are exactly the ambassadors of inspiration that the world needs at this time!

LOPE is poised to build on our 2020 results in a big way (while adapting creatively to ongoing pandemic safety needs). Please download our 2020 annual report. With your continued support, LOPE can help many more horses and people in 2021.

Thank you as always for your support. Our work isn’t possible without generous supporters like you!

Warm regards,

Lynn Reardon
Executive Director

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