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Catalissa’s Fans



Catalissa is our most serious rehab case here at LOPE. Read more about his history and injuries.

Recently, I received a call from Laura, a local exercise rider at Texas tracks. She had heard about Catalissa’s injuries and wanted to see how he was doing. Her voice was emotional as she described working with him at the track — clearly, Catalissa had been one of her favorites. Laura cleared up the mystery of Catalissa’s very feminine name – she said that his breeder named all his foals after his daughter Lissa.

Then, a few days later, an email came to my inbox from Hilary. She is the assistant to Michael Stidham, a very successful race trainer. Hilary wrote:

“[Michael and I] had no idea about Catalissa; he was claimed from us long ago. But we were shocked when one of the outriders here at Arlington told us of his fate. We would love to help and donate.”

Soon, a check for $400 arrived from Michael Stidham’s racing operation. Hilary also told us some stories about Catalissa — he was the favorite of the racing barn when they had him. He had a big, confident personality — and liked to make sure he bucked everyone off (but usually just once — as a kind of “initiation”).

And last week, Bill, one of our favorite adopters (and silent auction supporters), contacted me. Catalissa had caught his eye — he had decided to sponsor him!

To top it all off, today I received yet another email about Catalissa. Amber, a former vet tech at Austin Equine Associates, had sent LOPE a donation — and she wanted to apply it to Catalissa too!

Many people assume that no one cares about ex-racehorses — especially the injured ones like Catalissa. But as we’ve discovered, Catalissa has quite a fan club from both his racing and rehab days. Thank you Hilary, Laura, Michael, Bill and Amber for supporting Catalissa!

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