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Mystery Blessing and Poseidon Sport Horses


Mystery Blessing is now officially in training with Laura Whitfield of Poseidon Sport Horses! We are thrilled to see Mystery in such a terrific program and are looking forward to watching her learn with Laura.

The goal of Poseidon Sport Horses is to provide the equine industry with the very best in training and education. With a focus on bio-mechanics and classical horsemanship, Laura seeks to encourage her riders and horses to expand their knowledge, skills, and performance. More importantly, Laura does her best to provide a place at Poseidon Sport Horses for people to learn, love and laugh with their horses. For more detailed information about Laura, please see her bio here and visit the Poseidon website or Facebook page.

We selected Laura because of her emphasis on classical horsemanship in her work — as well as her genuine love of OTTBs. I first met Laura at LOPE’s Annual Benefit Horse Show in 2011 at Hy Court Farm. She was the Trail Horsemanship judge and did an incredible job providing constructive comments and feedback to the riders. We were so impressed with her performance that we gave Laura our “Special Award” for the show — and she proudly wore the award’s neck sash during the post-show social hour. We also made sure that Laura was available to judge at the 2012 LOPE Annual Benefit Horse Show last month.

Laura’s youngest student, Autumn, in her group that day. Autumn competed in the In-Hand Versatility class with an OTTB too!

More importantly, I had a chance to observe several of Laura’s students at Hy Court Farm’s Spring II Show in May 2012. She brought a pack of young students and first-time show riders. Each of her students (from adult to the smallest child) displayed a thoughtfulness about their horses and horsemanship that was immediately eye-catching. The horses that Laura had trained showed softness and depth — as well as genuine enjoyment of their work. The photo below shows the youngest student, Autumn, in her group that day. Autumn competed in the In-Hand Versatility class with an OTTB too!

During the first week or two of training, Laura will be working with Mystery on the basics of a good classical foundation (with sessions focusing on in-hand work, tying in the barn and round pen exercises). From what we have heard from Laura, Mystery is doing her best to please and to learn at Poseidon Sport Horses. Laura has noticed the same thing I did while Mystery was at our ranch — Mystery will stay soft and thoughtful, even when she is unsure about new things. This is a very promising openness in such a young filly — and we are so glad that Mystery is with a trainer who can recognize and build on this with her.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about Mystery Blessing. She will be available for adoption soon this fall (after she has had an opportunity to learn exciting new job skills from Laura).

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